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What is Mobile First Design?

Mobile first design, also called Responsive design or mobile friendly design, is a way of designing a web page to display on various devices, screen sizes and resolutions. Previously mobile first design, was about designing an app to work on a mobile device and a web page to work on a desktop/laptop. But some clever web designers working on the Boston Globe figured out a way to design a web page that will detect what size device it is being read on and lay out accordingly. Statistics tell us that 80% of web users connect to the web through their phones, and if you are not mobile friendly then you could be missing out of business.

How can i tell if my site is mobile friendly?

if you are unsure there is a simple test you can do, you can do it now with this webpage and then do it on your web page. This site is mobile friendly and the way to check is to resize your browser to roughly the size of a tablet device, and then to roughly the size of a mobile device. A mobile friendly site will lay out and be usable at these smaller sizes, if your webpage remains the same and loses some of the words and pictures then it is not mobile friendly and needs updating.

Another way is to open your page on your phone, and either it is legible and usable, with clear text and links, or you will get a tiny version of your site that you need to resize to read. If you get a tiny version of your site your web page is not mobile friendly and needs to be updated.

What can i do it my site is not mobile friendly?

That's where i come in, i specialise in mobile first design and I will rebuild your site to make it mobile friendly.

What does rebuilding my site ensue?

Your current webpage will remain the same, and i will code and develop your new site offline, taking the images , logos, and text content and recoding it for mobile first, i may make some new design decisions as designing for mobiles requires some compromises, and when the site it finished and tested and you are happy with the new design, I will take your old site off line and upload your new site, you will keep your domain name, and hosting package, it is literally just the files that make up your web page that will change, and you will probably be offline no more than 10 mins.

I invite you to read more about mobile first responsive design here, and to contact me if you wish to proceed with updating your site to a mobile friendly one!